Monday, November 21, 2011

Community and Project news

This page will be updated by three groups of people:
  1. Project Admins
  2. Community Outreach Coordinators (Boston, New York, Seattle, London, San Francisco, etc)
  3. Project Division Representatives (Networking, Hardware, Software, Graphic Design, Outreach)
Updates here should be non-technical in nature, easy to digest, and sparse from individuals (unless there is groundbreaking news, try to update us once a week or less!)

We are in the process of determining the divisions right now - keep checking for an updated sidebar with Contributor listings.

However, I am looking for potential and active Community Outreach Coordinators. If you have made headway in your area and have something to report, draft an article and let me know - if it is something tangible, I will add you to the list and you can post it here, and update us on progress! Contact me at

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